Avoid Expensive Damage With Affordable Repairs

Work with our local roofing contractors in Princeton, IA and the Quad Cities

Roofing and siding protect your home from mold, pests and water damage. So if you spot any damage, call United American Contracting for solutions. Our expert team has been providing siding repair and asphalt roofing services for over 30 years in Princeton, IA and the Quad Cities area.

We work promptly and precisely and clean up after we finish. You'll receive high-quality results that fit your budget. We also handle insurance claims.

Call (815) 718-2122 today to schedule a free estimate from our local roofing contractors.

Choose our honest and reliable team

When you hire us, our business owner will visit your location to ensure everything meets our standards. We want what's best for your home, so we'll pay attention to the little details.

Our local roofing contractors are available for services such as:

  • Replacing aluminum siding with vinyl
  • Installing new sidingĀ 
  • Installing asphalt roofing
  • Installing new shingles

Let us know what service you need by emailing us today.

Replace what can't be fixed

Some shingle damage can't be repaired. In that case, we provide asphalt roofing services to install a new roof for your home. Our team will remove the old material before laying new plywood and sturdy asphalt shingles.

Don't wait for your old roof to get worse. Contact us now to schedule an installation.